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Dental Implants Canton Georgia Prosthodontist

Dr. Michelle F. Ireland founded Ireland Restorative Dentistry to provide comprehensive dental care to the communities of Canton, Woodstock, Holly Springs, Ellijay, Ball Ground, Jasper, Blue Ridge, Rydal, Free Home, Lathemtown, Macedonia, Milton, and Alpharetta, Georgia. Milton, Macedonia and Woodstock, Georgia.  For over 20 years, Dr. Michelle Ireland has built a reputation as a caring, personable and competent dentist with a specialty in Prosthodontics.

Canton Dentist with truly Comprehensive Dental Services

Did you know that our dentist, Dr. Michelle Ireland is a dentist and Prosthodontist?  A prosthodontist is a dentist who has completed dental school plus an addition three years of advanced dental training and education in an American Dental Association Accredited prosthodontic graduate program.

A prosthodontist specializes in treating dental and facial conditions that involve restoring missing teeth and underlying jaw structures.  A prosthodontist is one of the most highly trained dentists in conditions such as dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, temporomandibular disorders (TMJ/TMD), and visual or cosmetic concerns.  Simply put, a dentist trained in prosthodontics is the right person to restore your smile.

Dr. Michelle has assembled a team of caring dental professionals who treat patients like family while providing the highest level of dental care to improve and maintain your dental health throughout all stages of life.

For your convenience, our dental practice provides dental hygiene (teeth cleaning), digital dental x-rays, fillings, crowns, veneers, dentures, partials, implants, extractions, root canals and teeth whitening, using state-of-the-art dental technology and an on-site dental laboratory.

Our family-oriented dental practice is conveniently located at 310 Gilmer Ferry Rd, Suite #200, Ball Ground, Georgia 30107

The History of Implant Dentistry

According to Colgate.com, origins of implant dentistry dates back to 1978 when a Swedish research team lead by Swedish physician and research professor, Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark, discovered the phenomenon of osseointegration, or the biological fusion of bone to a foreign material.

Dr. Branemark’s team continued to study osseointegration for more than 15 years, until in 1982 at a conference in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Branemark presented the team’s findings which reported a 91 percent success rate in lower jaw implantation.  Dr. Branemark’s findings established the new field of dental implantology.

How Dental Implants are installed

Dental implants are installed by a dentist trained in implantology or a Prosthodontist. Dental implant surgery replaces damaged, dead, or missing teeth with a metal tooth root or post, which allows an artificial tooth to be attached to the post.

Dental implants are the perfect alternative to dentures, partials or bridgework that misaligned, unreliable, loose, or damaged.  Metal screws placed in bone allows for more-permanent functionality without movement or risk that the tooth will fall out or become loose.

How dental implants are installed depends on the type of implant being installed and the condition of the patient’s jawbone.

Prior to installation of the dental implant, an oral exam is conducted by the dentist or prosthodontist to review the patient’s medical history, capture dental x-rays with a panoramic or 3D cone beam x-ray, evaluate bone quality and structure and evaluate the adjacent tooth structures.

After the oral examination, a surgical guide is created and used during dental implant surgery to guide the dentist or prosthodontist during implantation.

During surgery, patients may be sedated or placed under local anesthesia.  An incision is made to create a flap to view the location of the dental implant post or screws.  The screws are made of titanium and screwed into the bone.

Once the dental implant or post is in place, the flap is repositioned and sutured for healing.  The dental implant must heal for 4 to 6 months to ensure that the implant adheres to the surgical area properly.  Patients will be able to continue to wear their partials or dentures until fully healed.

Once healed, the patient will visit the dentist or prosthodontist for final placement of the visible dental implant or tooth.

Dental Implants in Canton Georgia

Most dentists and prosthodontists will offer a dental implant consultation to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants.  Patients in Canton, Cumming, Woodstock, Milton, Alpharetta, Ball Ground, Free Home and Atlanta may call Ireland Dentistry for a dental implant consultation with Prosthodontist and Dental Implant Specialist, Dr. Michell F. Ireland, DMD at 678-845-0366.

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